Children of the Mountain was founded in 2009 by Irishman John Matthews.

During a visit to a remote village in the district of Ghorka, John encountered what he thought was a derelict shed for animals, it was in fact Maitum Primary school. The building was unsafe with dismal dark classrooms void of any colour or materials. John rebuilt the school providing bright and colourful classrooms and committed himself to helping other children facing similar conditions.

Since this first visit, John and his team have built seventeen primary schools, opened thirty pre-schools and thirty unique ‘learn as you play’ classrooms. Our programs now include Primary Schools, Kindergartens, Libraries, Computer labs and Dual language literacy and numeracy programs.

Our aim is to support the poorest children in rural and urban Nepal, providing them with opportunity through access to education and personal development. We actively campaign against gender and caste bias and promote education as a practical alternative to rampant child labour. We advocate for investment and directly invest in child centred education as a critical and effective tool in the fight against extreme poverty in rural hill communities. 

Disclaimer. Children of the Mountain UK is registered with the UK charities commission and has no legal relationship with any organisation using our name outside the UK.

Meet The Team

‘‘We walk to school together every day’’

-Sapana Korala, Student Shree Sanskrit school

Sapana & her younger brother Anjit did not go to school but with your support they now have an education.

‘‘I love being a Teacher, it’s a dream come true!’

-Aruna Pudasainee, Early years teacher

Aruna was sponsored to attend college and with hard work made her dream a reality.

‘‘I am so happy that my son can now read’’

-Mother of Bikash, student at Shree Mehendra school

Bikash learned to read on our Nepali literacy program.